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Spisani - Spisani World

The World of Spisani derives from an intimate necessity of creating a new and personal esthetic code which combines antique culture and know-how with the creative impetus free from commercial, industrial and global bonds.

The space in which this new code moves is unlimited and revolves around life itself: home, garden, indoor, outdoor etc.
This is the World of Spisani, a small and refined galaxy suspended between past and future; a future which is already present, completed by the density of antique codes. A world in which fantasy, colours and wonders recall a joyous timeless serenity.

The Spisani World Pentagram is composed of five notes:

  1. The present: projects and realizations.
  2. The future: limited editions, objects and art accessories, museum bookshop projects.
  3. The most loved past: Villa Pisana, Aprato and Diamond Collections.
  4. The magic sites: fantasy as an enchantment and furnace of ideas.
  5. The art itinerary from the Palazzo dei Diamanti of Ferrara to the Diamond Ice Box, from Renaissance Duchy Palaces to greyhound and mastiff Silent Butlers.



Spisani - Special orders

As from the beginning of the activity, over forty years ago, the Spisani Designers organized a preferential channel parallel to its prestigious production, to satisfy special requests, personalizations, care for detail, etc. both according to customers’ drawing as with internal designing in Francesco Spisani’s studio.

The great experience and know-how of methacrylate, polycarbonate, and other materials, allows excellence in exclusive craftsmanship manufacturing and satisfies élite customers who request and “desire” something extraordinary, unique, created and manufactured for themselves.

Spisani - Special orders

The studio, as the factory, has a versatility hard to find in the rest of the world.

Nowadays everything is at your fingertips, distances don’t exist anymore, the world of creativity and creation acquire continuous splendid contributions from districts that were closed and inaccessible up to a few years ago, with an extremely fast exchange of views.

Every new product on the international market is always standardized; in opposition to this flux these special orders of Spisani go against the tide.

Spisani - Special orders

New materials are daily turned out; but this special orders excellence, created by Francesco Spisani, remains to recall “Italian artisan genius” and to remind one that creativity has no limits, it is open and Spisani Designers, with its mastery, quality and taste gives everyone the possibility to “create” and develop one's own dream, materializing it.

The products are numerous and range from prestigious hotel accessories, marvelous furniture and objects required by famous fashion designers, real projects for an international élite and royal families throughout the world, to a single object made to satisfy the customer living next door.

Spisani very proudly knows no barriers.



Spisani - Special designers

SPISANI DESIGNERS was founded  in 1972 by Francesco and Laura in the “grottoes” of Recanati-central Italy.

The basic production was – and still is – acrylic crystal with particular effects.

In 1973, with the introduction of Marina Spisani, the company was transferred definitively in the antique Villa of Stellata, in the County of Ferrara, headquarters of one of the most important feuds of the Duke of Este up to the end of the sixteenth century.

The purpose from the beginning was to create a good Italian product destined for the house and all other possible uses: from the object of daily use to the accessory and furniture; through the use of techniques invented and adapted to a new and little-known material.

From the craftmanship of a unique piece to the small quantity of production, supported and invigorated by “expert hands” according to the great Italian tradition which is fading away.

The continuous study of the materials inlaid in the methacrylate such as textiles, braided straws, metal wire, etc. to the last developments in old-school spreading of gold foils, which once covered with transparent acrylic crystal, explode in thousands of crackled pieces.

The resulting pieces are absolutely extraordinary.

In these last 40 years attention was also focalized on shapes which from a rigid minimalism now become warmer, more ironic then return to a comforting simplicity.

Another top priority aspect is the impact on the environment.

Discarded material is reutilized and recycled. Consider, for example, how much wood is saved by replacing it with a beautiful methacrylate, inlaid for instance with a linen textile patterned by a wood texture, or, as in the latest collection, designed as marble, astonishing trompe-l’oeil effect.

The product is today certainly slightly time-bound  due to globalization and standardization, but Spisani continues, convinced that standing out, distinguishing and going against the tide is a necessity and a category of the spirit.

Real creativity is unattainable, it escapes you, is liquid and suddenly it becomes an “object”, a gesture, a spiritual fling; capturing it in a fascinating acrylic crystal solid.

After the destructive earthquake in May 2012, the firm remains as the production factory of Ponti Spagna (a small village in the County of Ferrara), and unfortunately the showroom inside the Villa cannot be visited by the public due to structural damages.

Spisani’s dream to recreate a sort of contemporary Renaissance workshop in the Villa of Stellata (as Anna Maria Visser wrote in the 30 years’ catalogue during the 2002 exhibition) was shattered by the above mentioned natural calamity.

Arts and crafts, experimentation, new materials and antique techniques, technologies, open to young people and their new talents, present time which is already future without the repetition of outdated schemes and timeserving trends.


From design to final product

Spisani - Special orders

Spisani Design is an idea born from a stimulus, a flower, a landscape, a work of art. It’s a sensation which is missing in what you imagine. Ideas are like magnetic waves or crystal acrylic butterflies which you cannot see but you can grasp. Thus the object becomes the materialization of the idea and renders the Spisani Design free from preconception, fashion etc. but with a unique skill which gratifies the spirit.

Spisani - Design
Spisani - Design
Spisani - Design