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About Us

History of the Spisani family

The Spisani family dates back to the period of wars for the domination of trade between the Maritime Republics of Genoa and Pisa in the 13th century.

The family name well represents its derivation from the latin Ex-Pisanus in that Pisa loses the battle. The founder of the family, settled in Romagna (northern Italy) after the end of Pisa’s domination. In 1606 the family with Fabriano Spisani (then written Xpisani) obtained the Knighthood of Lugo di Romagna and the confirmation of the coat of arms with the three "P”s of Pisa.

The coat of arms with the three “P” s is still in the Spisani logo.

Subsequently, the main components of the family moved to the city of Bologna.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, during the Napoleonic era, Louis, the Patrician of Bologna, bought land in Poggio Renatico and also in Guarda and Cologna, in the County of Ferrara.

In 1830 the family moved to Ferrara, where it settled in a Renaissance Palace in via Aldighieri. At the end of the nineteenth century Arturo Spisani married Ines Pavanelli , whose family owned the castle Zenzalino and brought in dowry the fief of Stellata.

In 1945, Silvio Cesare Spisani , married Luciana Fantoni Vigliano Dal Pozzo , a descendant on the maternal side of Paolo Dal Pozzo Toscanelli, cartographer of Christopher Columbus .

They are the parents of Francesco, Marina and Laura who reopened the Villa of Stellata in 1972, founding the Spisani company.


Spisani - About Us